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Alternative Dispute Resolution with Collaborative Law

The Collaborative Law is the most up to date method of alternative dispute resolution used all over the world. Attorneys-at-law specially trained in this practice offer it as part of their service portfolio. The practice is intended for and applicable to clients who want to resolve their legal issues quickly, effectively, without confrontation, and whose preference is to preserve good relationships and achieve mutually beneficial and balanced agreements. Negotiations are conducted according to agreed upon terms in a location selected by both/all parties, they are confidential, closed, time and cost effective.

map of most common dispute resolution methods

map of most common dispute
resolution methods

Scopes where the method is e.g. applicable:

Commercial Corporate Law Copyright Law, IT ; Labor Law Civil, Family Law

● Agreements ´ Disputes
● Disputes among Members
● Damages
● Unfair Competition

● Copyright Disputes
● Licence Agreement
● Intellectual Property

● Emloyement Disputes
● Agreement Disputes
● Collective Bargaining

● Real Estate Disputes
● Divorces, Settlement
● Common Pleas

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