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What is cleas?

Cleas is a project of independent advocates with similar views who are focused on solving disputes out of court within their practice, e.g. Alternative Dispute Resolution, in a way of Collaborative Law method. Applying CL Method we follow IACP Standards.

We consider making an agreement natural that is why we are spreading the idea to change attitude and the way of thinking within legal environment from litigation towards the collaboration of all involved parties in a conciliatory way.

We focus our practice and knowledge to improve a dialogue of clients, to help clients to get the better understanding of reasons of their conflict; a target is not to beat the opposite part but to reach an agreement convenient for both parties by an easy-going, pragmatic and non-blaming way of discussion.

Who are cleas?


JUDr. Stanislava Bukáčková

advocate/attorney at law
Na Potůčku 43, 264 01 Sedlčany
Tel./fax: +420 318 875 027
Mobile: +420 605 120 174
Member of IACP – International Academy of Collaborative Professionals


JUDr. Anna Márová, LLM

advocate/ attorney at law
Myslíkova 1998/30, 120 00 Praha 2
Tel./fax: +420 222 517 500,
Mobile: +420 603 415 258
Member of IBA – International Bar Association, AKV – Association of Collective Bargaining (CZ)


JUDr. Eva Ropková, LL.M.

advocate/ attorney at law
Průmyslová 1200,
500 02 Hradec Králové
Fax: +420 491 617 545
Mobiel: +420 774 906 019


JUDr. Lenka Žídková

advocate/ attorney at law
Vinohradská 6, 120 00 Praha 2
Tel./fax: +420 224 236 839
Mobile: +420 602 394 904

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